Karuna O'Donnell

Karuna O’Donnell is a Certified Level 3 Forrest Yoga Teacher and a recognized educator in New England. Additionally, she offers private instruction, yoga classes and teacher training throughout Greater Boston. Karuna is a graduate of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She is also an educator profoundly committed to a mission of social justice in urban community initiatives and a professional committed to delivering consistent, high quality, research-informed learning experiences, which cultivate a culture of respect and dignity. Karuna is a highly motivated and enthusiastic person with experience in professional business management. She is highly trained in the art of yoga with an extensive repertoire and rich career history. Karuna is independent and original in her thoughts. Furthermore, she is an individual with an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans and transforming those plans into actions. Among other things, she highly values knowledge, competence, and structure. Karuna thrives positively by being a long-term thinker with a high expectation for performance. 

"Karuna cares about her students. She draws from the richness of her own life experience and brings that into her teaching. Her hands-on assists are compassionate and healing, and she has the keen ability to modify or amp up poses based on her students' needs. One of the most remarkable things about Karuna is that she truly lives by her yoga and uses the tools she learns on the mat as her foundation for her life."

Heidi Sormaz and Catherine Allen, Forrest Yoga Mentor Teachers