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Amy Frankenthaler

Fitness to Amy is a way of life, some might say she's been active since birth. She believes it brings people together from all walks of life to focus on themselves and bettering themselves. It allows you to live, to breathe. Fitness has always been a way to destress for Amy, it is therapy. After a great class with great tunes you want to leave smiling. That time spent you are focused, on the beat and on the leave your thoughts at the door. Yoga lets you let go of the chaos of everyday life. It allows you to live, to breathe. 

Finding the right music and beat is so conducive and empowering for a soulful and inspiring class. No matter where someone is in life they step into a class and are focused on working on one goal together. Amy wants her riders to feel lifted and inspired as they leave, to continue to be their best selves inside and out of the studio. The classes are a journey together and she can not wait for you to join her!

Amy is so excited to join the 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness team and help to build a supportive community for all. 

Her Mantra: "We Rise Up to Lift Others"