Jacqui Ferraiolo


Jacqui found her way to a yoga class when she was 18 because she heard it was supposed to “help reduce stress.” After stumbling her way through her first few classes she became enraptured with the way yoga asks you to come as you are and to accept all parts of yourself. This practice helped ground her after her mother passed away and has since been a medium for healing she hopes to share with everyone. When Jacqui found Forrest Yoga through a dear friend, Darin Volwiler, she finally found a style that met all of her needs in a practice while also delving deeper to get to the heart of the healing process. She began to understand how thought and physical patterns in her practice also showed up in her life and that she could use the practice to safely work on new skills in a controlled environment. She completed her 200-hour Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga, and has since started her yearlong mentorship with senior teachers and Guardians Kiki Lovelace and Michelle Cordero Myers.

In Jacqui’s classes you will learn to move intentionally with breath so that each moment is grounded in truth and you can begin to discover the full breadth of your abilities. You will work with careful attention to safely get into postures and illuminate what shows up in the practice to move towards healing and growth – whether that means in flexibility, strength, or personal development. What Jacqui loves about this practice is that it gives you to the tools to stand fully in whom you are and the confidence and strength to live your most authentic self. With laughs, hard work, and full breaths, she hopes to guide each of her students to this point.