Our Beginning


4 Corners Yoga + Wellness began as an inspiration in co-founders Christine Rose and Karuna O'Donnell's 10 X 10 foot shared space at The Meeting Point, A Center for Multidimensional Healing, in Jamaica Plain. Their individual businesses of massage and yoga were expanding beyond their shared room and they began to imagine a beautiful, vibrant, wellness center in Dorchester that could be both a thriving small business and widen access to those who could benefit from these resources yet can't readily afford these services. They have nurtured the idea of a body positive, welcoming, accessible and affirming community of wellbeing and are honored to be bringing their work forward together as 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness.

Our Staff

"Karuna has the unique ability to create a therapeutic atmosphere that is attuned to each child. She meets students where they are at, makes powerful and memorable connections, and gives children choice back in their life through art. Karuna’s art and yoga work with adolescent complex trauma victims is impactful, lasting, and innovative."   Rebekah Roulier General Manager, Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc.

"Karuna cultivates a community of acceptance, kinship, and celebration. Her classes have helped me practice self-compassion and embody my strength. Forrest Yoga has been a building block of my recovery from cancer treatment.  Karuna's classes enliven me and leave me feeling so loved and whole."  Anna