Aisha Yusuf

As a life long athlete, Aisha came to yoga unexpectedly. Aisha readily admits her addiction to cardio workouts and adrenaline rushes, and was originally apprehensive about yoga as a physical practice. Fast forward to a persistent back injury and high levels of stress, Aisha found herself with a friend in a power yoga studio in Los Angeles. Since then, she was hooked! First joining a Black woman owned fun and energetic studio in Oakland, to moving across the country (again) and finding a place where she could continue her practice in the north east. 

Frustrated by the lack of teachers of color in the yoga community, Aisha was led (really pushed by an instructor) to purse teaching. As a new teacher, Aisha is so excited to help others realize how strong their bodies really are, how focused their minds can be, and how deep our spiritual connection to ourselves really is. Researcher by day, yogi by night, Aisha is excited to join the yoga teaching community. Hoping to bring her love for athleticism and a light hearted approach to yoga practice, full of focus, laughter and energy.