David Monteserin

I am a truth seeker, a student of life, and a world traveler.

Born and raised in the north of Spain (Asturias), I got my yogic education in Barcelona, where I studied for four years with some of the best yoga teachers of the country, and taught for two years to all kind of students, including children and elderly. I also learned Buddhist Zen meditation in the first Zen temple of Spain in Valencia, as well as Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka in the Dhamma Neru center of Cataluña. Over the years, I have continued participating in many Vipassana and Yoga retreats around the world, in England, India, and the United States, deepening my own understanding of the self-transformation process that the paths of Yoga and mindfulness bring about. Now, I study Western and Eastern philosophies from an academic standpoint, as well as South Asian religions, and Sanskrit language in the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Indian Philosophy.

In my Yoga practice, I try to incorporate all these channels of knowledge into a base of classic Haṭha Yoga. My aim is to make Yoga available to everyone through slow and gentle movements, with a special emphasis on mindful breathing and meditation techniques, stretching, and relaxation. I believe that Yoga is an embodied spiritual practice, open to all, whose most profound mission is to unfold the mystery of who we are.