Shoba Narayana

I first was introduced to yoga at a young age when I was visiting my grandparents in Chennai (India). My sister and I diligently practiced the asanas and  pranayama that our teacher passed on to us. At that time, yoga was a form of play that I enjoyed everyday. As I grew up and became entrenched in the day to day rat race of life, those teachings faded in the background.

Fifteen years later, when i went back to India to live, it was the practice of vipassana meditation that brought back the memory of yoga. I have had the fortune of completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training program with Danial Orlansky and Liz Owen whom I continue to derive inspiration from. For me, yoga has evolved from a physical practice to a spiritual one that goes beyond the mat. I carry yoga into my life as a nurse and an artist as well. 

It continues to amaze me how much yoga has the ability to center and ground me in times of stress. 

As a teacher, I am interested supporting people where they are in their yoga practice and helping to cope with stress in everyday life, which affects us both emotionally and physiologically. While I may have come a long way from that first experience of yoga i had many years ago, I still have not forgotten that essence of play and experimentation which I aim to incorporate into my class and my daily practice.