Christine Rose LMT

Christine Rose, the co-founder of Four Corners Wellness & Yoga, has brilliant entrepreneurial skills and a desire to become a prominent brand name in the service industry, Christine Rose will be leading from the front. Christine Rose has shown her potential, always striving to set the bar higher. Her drive to get things done will ensure that 4 Corners Wellness + Yoga  thrives and instills a culture of dedication to wellness in the community.

 Christine Rose is a graduate of Boston University and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Her passion is helping people. Christine is committed to volunteerism. She has volunteered with a number of organizations throughout her lifetime beginning with Big Sister Association in 1995 and most recently as a compassionate touch volunteer at Hebrew Senior Life Nursing Home. Christine’s professional career spans from the food service industry to financial services to the not for profit sector and service based industries (hair salon & floral shop).



Karuna O'Donnell

Karuna O'Donnell is highly skilled teacher and teacher trainer who is recognized as a leader in the trauma healing community in Boston and nationally. As an educator, she is profoundly committed to a mission of social justice in community based settings. In 2008, she was awarded a fellowship for Leadership in Education to the Harvard Graduate School of Education for work with complexly traumatized youth in Dorchester, MA. In the process of achieving her MEd from Harvard, her identities as an artist, activist and teacher converged as a founding member of Survivor Theatre Project, of which she is now a workshop facilitator and leadership team member. In graduate school, Karuna was employed as a consultant by the Trauma Center Yoga program at Justice Resource Institute, Boston's leading trauma center. Karuna implemented a trauma sensitive yoga program with students at the van der Kolk Institute and began offering private instruction, yoga classes and teacher training as resources for healing throughout Greater Boston. She was selected to assist the groundbreaking Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2014 and the Yoga, Meditation and Addiction Recovery Conference founded by Nikki Myers and Rolf Gates in 2011 and 2014. She is certified in Forrest Yoga (Level 3), Trauma Informed Yoga and the Yoga of Twelve Step Recovery. She sees yoga as her path to becoming an authentic human being with a precious gift to bring to her people. Karuna offers yoga and arts learning g in the greater Boston area.

Karuna says "Facilitating personal acts of courage brightens my spirit tremendously. My vision is people becoming the central directors in their own healing. I want to know how people in overwhelming life situations learn, heal and envision their lives beyond present circumstances. I believe that wellness resources cultivate resilience in people of all ages. I believe in coalition building between people dedicated to healing and brightening the collective human spirit and striving to end poverty and injustice. My intent is to offer consistent, high quality, trauma and research informed learning experiences that reflect and create a culture of respect and dignity."

Linda Wells

Linda N. Wells is the Wellness Warrior. Before pursuing a career in promoting wellness Linda was a Program Director, Youth Worker and community organizer. She spent nearly 10 years giving more to others than she did to herself; limiting her ability to create positive change for herself and her community.

Linda has since transferred her skills as an educator and activist to become a well known health advocate and Wellnesspreneur in the Boston area. She works with individuals to release toxic habits and identify the precursors to their burnout. She continues her activism by working with community-based groups to raise awareness of health and wellness through free and low-cost programs.  Linda's teaching recognizes that stress may be unavoidable part of our lives but also that wellness is our birthright and we owe to ourselves to make healthy choices.

She is an experienced registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Holding an M.Ed. specializing in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and BA in Political Science and Economics from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.


Marlene Boyette

Marlene Boyette, founder of Boston based Leela Yoga & Wellness,  is an educator (teaching Yoga & Meditation at The Advent School in Beacon Hill),  dedicated to using yoga as a catalyst for nurturing and celebrating the playful spirits of each person she comes in contact with. Specializing in both Trauma Informed Yoga & children’s yoga, Marlene believes that the practice of yoga extends far beyond asana (movements and poses). By collaborating with various city / government agencies, organizations and programs, Marlene strives to use her personal practice, lifeexperiences and training to reach individuals and families with limited access to wellness   

programming. She believes that yoga, as a philosophy, is the very way in which we approach every single aspect of life; from the foods that we choose to ingest to the way that we address Self-Care, Self-Love and our physical, emotional and mental health needs; Gently, mindfully and joyfully.  

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Kate Murray

I fell in love with yoga for its challenging yet nurturing experience. Learning to calm my mind with the support of mindful breathing techniques has brought me great relief in allowing me space to turn inward and be with my experience as it is. Over the years, yoga has served as a path of growth leading me to better navigate challenges and choices in my life continually bringing me closer to my authenticity and joy. I am a graduate of Boston Yoga School and am grateful to all of my teachers for passing down the tools and wisdom of the practice. I find benefits in many different styles of yoga including Iyengar and ashtanga. In my classes I offer elements of these different styles into a dynamic, slow and breath-focused practice. My approach is kind, gentle, and steady

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Sharon Amos

Sharon (RYT-500) has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner since 2012. She studied and continues to study with the renowned Natasha Rizopoulos whose teaching disciplines combine the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods at Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline MA, where she received her 200 and 300 hour certifications. Her teaching style is slow flow alignment and breath based Vinyasa yoga. Her teaching philosophy is that the powerful healing practice of yoga is for everyBODY, including those who disagree, and especially those who have limited access to it for whatever reason.
Sharon is also an experienced Oncology Nurse at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center where she teaches Yoga to fellow staff members, and is working towards implementing a Yoga Therapy Program for Oncology patients there in the near future.
Always a student, she is currently enrolled in the Ayurveda Certification Program at Down Under Yoga as well.  Ayurveda is considered the "sister" to Yoga, and is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems based on the balance of ones mind, body, and spirit.

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Gally Reznor

I was born in Russia and practiced ballet and gymnastics as a child. During my teenage years my family moved to Israel where I completed my college education in public health. I began practicing yoga in 2011 after arriving to Boston. The practice helped me mobilize my body after many years of inactivity and find community in a new city. After practicing yoga for over 4 years I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training at JP Centre Yoga.  After moving to Dorchester in mid 2017, I was very excited to discover 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness  Center  opening just few blocks from my house.  

On the mat I like to work hard, incorporating dynamic cardio elements while building strength and flexibility.  My classes are influenced by dance, contemporary music and high intensity training. I work in medical research and in my free time like to travel, snap pictures and take dance classes all over town.  


Michelle Mendes

Certified yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Line Dance Instructor, Arthritis Foundation Fitness Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Pilates Mat Instructor,

A yoga teacher and student of different energy and fitness modalities for over 10 years, Michelle thrives on continuous education from a variety of yoga disciplines and healing specialties. Her yoga teachings are rooted in viniyoga and Hatha yoga traditions.

Her classes teach to the theme of presence, connection, and the unfolding of possibility in every moment. Her classes also focus on using yoga as a healing tool to honor and deepen each students individual connection to personal strength, self acceptance and love. "The goal of my classes is to connect students to their inner world. The strengthening of what we can not see leads to the connection we most deserve. This connection is the key to the unfolding of the never ending journey that yoga represents."

- The light in me appreciates and acknowledges the light in you.


Rebecca Ramer

I was first introduced to yoga in a high school gym class, but it wasn’t until I took a semester off from school as a college junior that I began to develop a consistent yoga practice. I had been struggling with depression at school, and somehow I knew that the answer to my problem was in the body. I spent the next few months at home, attending yoga classes at Laughing Lotus in NYC. There I discovered that yoga was a way to pray with my body. Through this practice, I found a deep connection to my spirit, which allowed me to step out of the darkness and complete my studies.

 In 2013 I completed a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Back Bay Yoga. In January, 2018 I completed a mentorship program with Alana Brennan at JP Centre Yoga, where I worked to find my own authentic voice as a teacher. I began teaching public classes in February 2018, when my yoga fairy godmother, Karuna O’Donnell hired me to teach at 4 Corners Yoga and Wellness. In my classes I use an informal style, humility, warmth, and humor to hold a space where students can leave their perfectionism and self-doubt at the door. Relax. Tune in. Explore.

 When not practicing yoga, I am a social worker, who has worked with children, adults and families. Outside of career I enjoy spending time with family, singing, collaging, exploring the Emerald Necklace, and hosting parties. I am also a member of a housing rights organization that works to prevent displacement, and keep communities in tact. I am currently taking time off from my social work career to focus on self-care, self-discovery and self-creation, even as I attempt to decenter and dismantle the self. 


Christian Verde

Christian Verde is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and has a private practice of Pranic Healing. He started Pranic Healing in 2011. He currently teaches Basic Pranic Healing in Boston, MA, founded The Center for Pranic Healing Massachusetts in 2018 and co-founded Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, LLC in 2014.


Laura Charles

Laura's love of teaching yoga comes from her commitment to forever be a student. Rooted in the belief that time on our mats is practice for how we are in the world, Laura's classes cultivate curiosity, attention, openness, and creativity. She uses a combination of asana, music, mantra, mudras, and pranayama to empower students with their own set of tools to access strength and calm within, as well as the ability to take their practice into their daily lives. She enjoys working with students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Laura took her first yoga class 16 years ago in search of a complement to her dance training. She was immediately awakened to yoga’s power to cultivate a deeper connection to her whole Self in a way she hadn’t experienced with dance. The idea that movement and breath could be an inward exploration rather than solely an outward expression kept her coming back to the mat, and eventually encouraged her to deepen her practice with meditation and mantra.

Laura is trained in vinyasa yoga and completed her 200-RYT training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in Manhattan in 2011. She also completed additional trainings in Bhakti yoga at Laughing Lotus and the Lineage Project's teacher training program for at-risk youth. She previously taught in Brooklyn, NY and currently teaches in Boston, MA.


Tiffany Hogan

 Tiffany is a life-long Dorchester resident and teaches yoga for men and women of all ages and levels. She has been a yoga enthusiast for over 10 years, and now shares the healing she experienced through yoga with her students.  Her classes offer creative sequences with intentional themes, emphasizing the importance of proper alignment, pranayama breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. Modification and advanced options are made available for new students and experienced yogis so that all can reach their potential. She is honored to lead yoga classes, helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other's lives. She hopes for students to leave her classes feeling strengthened, refreshed, well rounded, and connected to their bodies.


Ajeet Himat Singh

Ajeet Himat Singh is a yoga teacher, family therapist, father, and husband who is grateful for the opportunity to bring the transformational power of Kundalini Yoga to the Roslindale Community. Like many, he came to yoga seeking a practice to support personal change. What he has found is a treasure trove of teachings and practices that support a life of joyful exploration and spontaneous expression.

Kundalini Yoga integrates the power of posture, breath, mantra and meditation to more fully connect students to their own higher wisdom. Ajeet’s classes are accessible to all levels of experience and ability, and at times will seek to challenge your own self-perceived limitations of who you think are and what you believe you can achieve.A daily practitioner of Kundalini Yoga for over 7 years, Ajeet has completed the Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher training under Hari Kaur and the amazing team of teachers at the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Millis, MA.

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.” 
― Yogi Bhajan


Eliseba Sousa

My name is Eliseba Sousa, I was born and raised in Praia, Cape Verde. I did my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy at Jean Piaget University (2007- 2011), then I started my certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine Applied to Musculoskeletal Disorders at Bioviver Therapy Center, Fisiomed Clinic in Cape Verde during summer-fall 2011. In 2012-2014 I started working as a physical therapist at Dermoclin, Medical and Dermatological Clinic in Palmarejo where I provided physical therapy and chinese traditional medicine.

Later with a scholarship I continued my certification in Acupuncture and Tui-na at the Interchange Center of Health Department in Shanxi Province in China during summer-fall 2013. When I came back from China I was invited to teach at Jean Piaget University in Cape Verde where I taught massage and manipulations and physiotherapy in sports courses. In 2014-2016 also with a scholarship I did my Master in Exercise Science at Bridgewater State University .During fall 2015 I did my Internship at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro where I worked as an Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. In January 2016 I started my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Maha Yoga Center in Bridgewater and that’s where my life changed.

I’m completely passionate about yoga and everything that it incorporates, and I’m fascinated about all the benefits of a regular practice. Today I’m a better human being because of it and with the same awareness, kindness, love and honesty that I practice my personal yoga and live my life, that’s the way I teach it to my students. Being very respectful, aware and mindful of the cultural differences between the practice itself and the students, I teach yoga from the yogic scriptures, as the Jivamukti Yoga book recommends I try “to draw meaning from the original texts and apply them to modern life”.I’m looking forward to seeing you in class.

Namaste Eliseba 

Erin Byrne-50 (1).jpg

Erin Byrne

After a few stops and starts, I found my way to a consistent yoga practice in 2012 as a recommendation from a fitness instructor who noticed my chronic muscle tension and tightness was preventing me from building strength and agility. Yoga became a powerful tool for supporting both my mental and physical health, and was complementary to my life’s calling as a helper and healer in clinical social work. With a focus on alignment and strength-building, I use intuitive and dynamic sequences to encourage students to explore the connection between body and mind in a safe and lighthearted environment.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Karuna O'Donnell at 4 Corners Yoga School in Dorchester, MA. In addition to yoga instruction, I also offer creative and experiential therapy for children and families at Boston Family Therapy and Wellness.


Michelle Colemen

Michelle Coleman, E-RYT 200 is a Boston-based Brooklynite. Inspired by the Delaney sisters, two centenarian yoginis, I aspire to practice on a daily basis. For me yoga is healing through movement. Yoga helps me: get out of bed, carry my groceries, climb stairs with ease, and return to my breath (when it's all too much). Yoga restores my sense of wellness. My primary goal as a yoga teacher is to guide my students towards living more gracefully within their bodies.


Tiffanie Allen LMT

Tiffanie recently graduated from the Salter School of Massage Therapy. She is very passionate about holistic health and healing. Tiffanie is confident in her abilities and has a firmness in her hands which leaves clients feeling relaxed and aware of their individual needs. Tiffanie is also an avid yogi and plans to incorporate aromatherapy, energy work, and sound healing into each of her massage sessions. Day by day she is working to develop a deeper understanding of how the human body works in connection with these holistic tools



Lisa Leung-Tat

I recall taking my first yoga class about 12 years ago when I lived in Florida and afterward immediately signing up for an unlimited pass. The room was hot, I felt limber and my body seemed to fold into poses I didn’t even think possible. Even better I remember totally tuning out from what was going on outside of that room and being in absolute focus of what was happening in the moment. That escape from the rat race, if just for an hour is what peaked my interest.

Two years ago a friend who had recently become certified started giving free classes at my job and I was present at just about every class, I loved it and was hooked again on this formidable practice. Then last year when  4 Corners Yoga and Wellness opened their doors a stone throw away from my residence I just picked up where I left off in Florida and totally immersed myself in the teachings.

As a recent graduate of their 200- hr Yoga Teacher Training, my aim is share what I have learned up to this point and continue to learn from others whose journey have been longer than mine. Yoga and breath work has helped me reinvent the way I respond to life and situations and at least once a week I learn something new that changes this path I’m on. My goal in teaching is to be as inclusive as possible recognizing we are all unique and embodying the vision of 4 Corners that Yoga is indeed for every BODY. When I’m not absorbing the wisdom of other gurus I’m a key player in managing a busy oncology unit at MGH and navigating the waters of life as a loving wife and mother of two teenage boys.


Sita Joti Kaur

“I wish to support the evolutionary process of my students in this Golden Age of Awakening through the healing grace of Kundalini Yoga. It is my hope that one finds the reverence for his or her Inner Being and taps into the reservoir of their Soul’s infinite potential.” 

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga in 2004, but it was only until 2016 that its consistent practice supported a major life change and acted as a healing agent, placing me on a path of mastery to help others find the grace it has given me and my life

I trained at the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Millis, Massachusetts, where my 220 hours were certified by Kundalini Research Institute’s Aquarian Teacher Program. My training in Kundalini Yoga extends to the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, a practice that helps one overcome limiting beliefs and emotions. I have experience teaching Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I have practiced Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and Universal Shamanism, which continue to inform my spiritual development. 


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Shella Beauzil

Hi I’m Shella! I grew up in Mattapan and currently live in Dorchester. I earned my 200 RYT from Yoga of Energy Flow in Arlington this past July. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5-6 years and decided to share how it improved my life with others. I’m also an LCSW, and currently work as a medical social worker. I’m looking forward to working with the community by helping others take charge of their health and well-being. 


Liza Myer

I am a 2019 graduate of the 4 Corners 200 hour yoga teacher training. I have been exploring yoga practice since my teens, and began to intentionally deepen my study in my early 20s as I was learning to adapt to chronic pain.  I have signed the Health at Every Size™ (HAES™) Pledge.

HAES™ is a size-inclusive framework that views body size as a natural part of human diversity. It respects that health looks different for every body, is not a moral obligation, and is deeply influenced by societal systems of oppression. Understanding that gender is a spectrum, I use gender-neutral language in classes.

Practicing with me, you can expect invitations to tune into breathing & feeling, and to make choices that feel right for you in the present moment. I like to share restorative yoga and slow Hatha sequences, with modifications and props celebrated. I trust in the intelligence of your body and spirit, and feel honored to hold space for your practice.

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Jared Diaz  

Jared graduated in 2015 from Lincoln Technical Institute in Somerville, Massachusetts as a Massage Therapist. Jared’s strength is compression. He uses a variety of modalities to enhance is massage including but not limited to trigger points stretches, and deep tissue massage. Jared’s stamina allows him to perform in high volume business. He also loves to have direct communication with his clients when it comes to their Massage needs.