Please note schedule updates due to holidays and staff time off:

12/24 and 12/31, Restorative Yoga at 7:30 pm is cancelled. The rest of the yoga schedule and massage schedule remains the same.

12/25: Yoga and Massage services are closed.

12/26: 6:00-7:15am Flow Within is cancelled.

1/1/19: Yoga classes are cancelled and massage therapy is open.

Winter Solstice Celebration, Full Moon Meditation & Open House:

Saturday 12/22, 2:30-3:45pm

Suggested $10 Donation

Please join us for refreshments afterwards. Feel free to bring something to share.


Mission Statement      

The mission of 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness is to serve and support the Dorchester community and surrounding neighborhoods in taking charge of their health and wellbeing.

Vision Statement

The vision of 4 Corners Wellness + Yoga is to provide a space of beauty, sanctuary and revitalization by providing high quality services to the community. We value each customer and are committed to conducting our business with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards. We envision a body positive, welcoming, accessible and culturally affirming space that customers seek out for personal care services and yoga. 

We believe that yoga and wellbeing supports are for everybody, and that when we are healthy, we are
better able to respond skillfully to life with ease and vitality.

 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness  is a body positive, welcoming, accessible and culturally affirming community of wellbeing.  We offer yoga, massage and workshops focused on health and holistic wellbeing. Our yoga classes focus on breath, strength, integrity, spirit and rejuvenation. Our dedicated, certified and insured yoga teachers will help you find the right class for you. Our licensed and insured practitioners will provide you with professional relaxation or therapeutic massage sessions to meet your needs.